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Are you looking for a real estate broker in Anjou? Realtor Alp Perez helps homeowners to sell and buyers to find their dream property in Anjou QC and surrounding areas. It's quite often that home owners sell their property without getting a real home evaluation done by a licensed real estate broker in Anjou. If you do not want to sell your property for less it would be a wise decision to get an home evaluation done by a real estate expert before deciding on anything. Your property could actually be worth more than what you think. If you are looking to sell your property in Anjou, let us do a free evaluation for your property so you could know how much your home is worth and we can take it from there.
The evaluation will include sold comparable properties within 1km radius from your property. Beside that, If you're a buyer looking to purchase an immovable in Anjou,QC , start checking the properties listed below. If that's not enough for you, head over to our MLS listings page and fill out the form so you can receive all Anjou real estate listings in your inbox everyday.

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